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  • Six Steps to Create Your Exit Plan out of Your Job and onto the Path of Self-Employment

  • Access to Our Private, Member-Only Community

  • 15+ of Our Favorite Resources

  • 25 Videos (and audio files, if you prefer) to walk you through each step

  • 15 Exclusive Templates & Guides

  • Ever-Growing Q&A Section

Some of Our Testimonials...

Celeste Harrison

Erica makes things happen

"Erica is a person who makes things happen. She is honest, trustworthy, focused, and puts her full effort into her projects and clients. I've worked with her and watched her work; whenever she is involved the project succeeds. I'm lucky to have worked with her and cannot wait to work with her again."

Rosemary Keane

Erica made it simple to figure out my rate

"Figuring out how to price my services is one of the toughest parts of being in business. Erica has made it simple and takes all the guesswork out of the process. Understanding my goals and pricing my services accordingly keeps me on track to achieving financial success."

The QuickStart Consultant is the direct, step-by-step process to get your exit plan ready so you can prepare to walk out of your day job and into self-employment. You'll learn to...

  • Create Your Self-Employed Reality

    What would your life look like if you didn't need to go to an office? Design the way you want it and set your goals. Lay the foundation for a successful start with our Self Employment Checklist. Use our templates to help with set up and tracking expenses.

  • Focus Your Talents & Re-craft Your Resume

    Leverage your resume to create your authority from a mix of your career experiences and your skill set. Learn how to become an expert in your niche. Learn the key placaes to list yourself to get consulting jobs and the best information to look for when you are prospecting.

  • Create Revenue Streams & Set Your Pricing

    Learn strategies for how to price yourself. Calculate and set your market price. Set up how you will get paid and learn about other means for income.

  • Outline and Overcome Obstacles

    Build your worst case scenarios and your contingency plans. When you have a plan to overcome issues, they aren't as scary anymore.

  • Build Your Pipeline & Network

    Establish your initial network and learn how to create strategic referrals. Create a pipeline for partners and leads to efficiently engage and follow up with them.

  • Develop Your Exit Plan

    Each tactical item that you need to do becomes a line within your Exit Plan. Your Exit Plan will give you the specific items to complete and the date when you know you will be free from from your day job.

Resources and Strategies to Create a Confident Exit Plan

  • Six Stepping Stones

    I broke down the most important activities into six major steps and created modules around them. Follow these steps to craft your perfect Exit Plan.



  • Weekly Ask-Me-Anything Success Sessions

    The weekly sessions are held in our private group and help keep you on track to your Exit Plan.

  • Access to Our Private, Member-Only Community

    Our private community is the perfect place to form friendships, consulting collaborations, and band together for support.

  • Full Overview of Our Favorite Resources

    I trial-and-errored dozens of systems to find ones that fit well. Avoid that hassle by checking out my recommended resources and you'll also receive my video walk- throughs.

Start Crafting Your Exit Plan with The QuickStart Consultant

Who Should Join The QuickStart Consultant?


You have the qualifications from leading teams and there are plenty of projects that need your experience,


The ones with the most experience feel like they are stuck. You actually have the greatest ability to make more money consulting.


It's time to hone in on your skill and make money doing what you are good at.

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Who could say it better than the original Boss Mom?

"...You are such a smart cookie with some amazing expertise. I enjoyed our time together so much. If anyone is on the fence I can tell you that Erica cares about you, about truly helping you free yourself and build a profitable consulting business and she has an amazing journey and some killer experience."

Dana Malstaff, Founder & Owner of Boss Mom LLC

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between QuickStart Apprentice, QuickStart Associate, and Quickstart Free Agent?

  • The QuickStart Apprentice is perfect for the employee who is still trying to figure out if they really want to put a plan together to leave their job. The 15-day trial provides access to a free community, the basic stepping stones to create an exit plan, 5 videos to get started, and our resources lists.  For those that have already decided they are ready to get out of their day job and into self-employment, the Associate Membership is the perfect option because it is everything in the Apprentice Membership plus a specific guided path to create a step-by-step exit plan, 25 videos, 15 templates and worksheets, and a smaller private community.


    And then there is the Free Agent Membership. This is our highest program level and for those that truly want it all! Free Agents get 6 weeks of guided accountability, access to our live group calls, and 3 one-on-one calls to ensure success in their exit plans. Contact Erica directly at for more information on working with her.

What skills do I need to have to start The QuickStart Consultant?

  • If you have been at least an Analyst level in corporate then the QuickStart Consultant Apprentice program is great for you to begin testing the waters for self-employment.

    Those who have been a Manager, Director or Vice President will best be served by at least the Associate level membership.


    Remember, you get what you put into the program. No matter what income level you are looking to replace, the steps will guide you on the way to make it happen-- doesn't matter if it is $50k or $250k. The important part is that you follow the plan and engage in the community if you need advice.

Once I become a member where should I start?

  • First, join the community and ask at least one question you've been wanting to know! (Don't have anything? That's OK, but you will definitely get more out of your membership if you ask questions of the community). Then dive into the QuickStart Consultant Portal and get started.

    How long does it take to create my exit plan?

    • Each person will have different needs and take a different amount of time to create their exit plan. We created the program in six modules so that it would be easy to create your plan in six weeks; however some may be quicker and others may take more time.

      Since the exit plan is completely custom to your circumstances, each person's exit plan will take a different amount of time to execute. The community will be here for you after you create the plan and are working towards exiting your job and starting self-employment.

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